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Blake S
Best Tequila I’ve ever tasted! Black Sheep Tequila is a global game changer to the Tequila industry.
Josh M
Outstanding Tequila! My personal favorite is the Extra Añejo however they are all fantastic!
Anca P
Simply put, best tequila in the world. I was traveling from LA to Nashville, and kept seeing this Tequila...I wasn't sure about being a black sheep. But now I understand, this is handmade old world no one else in the world. I love the pure agave/higher concentration, with no fake chemicals or colors.
Jordan W
Pure quality in a tequila. True agave flavors, hints of pepper and earthiness makes this a great sipping tequila. If you're a whiskey drinker, OMG, you need to have this in a glass asap!
William B
Although the Blanco and the Reposado are my house tequilas, the Anejo and extra anejo are the sipping tequilas. Black Sheep old fashions made with the extra anejo are the after dinner drink of choice!
Kaden S
Nothing beats black sheep margaritas on a boat day! It’s my go to.
Dan F
So I try a new to me Black Sheep tequila...and fall in love! So freaking good and the pour is perfect. Crystal clear divinity. We tried margaritas, shots, and the next morning Tequila Sunrise was right on the money. I have attached the last known photo of this amazing tequila sadly it did not make it through the evening. If any one sees this tequila contact me right away.
Brendan D
This is a wonderful Tequila line. Beautiful finish and the Anejo makes a wonderful Old Fashion! Would 100% purchase again.
Victoria B
Quality, refreshing tequila brand!
I don't drink tequila, but now I do. Love this stuff!